Marjorie R. McNeely Low Vision Clinic

Macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa, cataracts, glaucoma and stroke are just some of the conditions which can cause vision loss. Our goal is to help people maximize the use of their remaining vision. We understand how challenging it can be not seeing well enough to read the newspaper or partake in a favorite hobby.

Our Marjorie R. McNeely Low Vision Clinic (LVC) is where patients meet with our optometrist who is trained and credentialed in low vision testing, diagnosis, and treatment. He provides individualized care and begins a plan to meet your specific needs. Patients receive a comprehensive exam specially designed for people with low vision. The doctor performs tests and evaluations to determine which aides and devices may best help you maintain your independence and continue to engage in your favorite activities. He also assesses glare control and lighting to help determine the best conditions for you.

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Glare can be hindering and even intolerable to individuals with low vision. Specially designed polarized lenses with UV & AB protection reduce glare and provide greater visual comfort and performance. The glare control shields selected for evaluation and display in our Low Vision Clinic are both effective and stylish.

Lighting influences visual comfort and performance. For people who have reduced vision, appropriate lighting is essential for accomplishing almost every task, especially when using magnifiers. Proper illumination can be achieved by using the right type of illuminated magnifiers, lamps, or by the arrangement of light sources.

Patients work with our Low Vision Service Coordinator who can offer pre-clinical assessments and post-clinical training in the use of prescribed low vision aids. A home visit allows a functional assessment to determine which aids may be the most effective for you. Glare, inadequate lighting and poor contrast may also exacerbate visual difficulties. The Low Vision Service Coordinator recommends aids that can enhance visual functioning. UV sunshields, full spectrum lighting and magnifiers are beneficial options designed to increase the use of remaining vision.

Our Low Vision Service Coordinator is a Certified Low Vision Therapist holding a master’s degree and certification from the Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation & Education Professionals.

While most of our services are free, there is a fee to attend the Clinic. We are a Medicare provider and accept Medi-Cal. The LVC is available to people of all ages and requires an eye doctor’s referral, which we will help you obtain. Visits are by appointment only. To schedule an appointment please email us or call 841-649-3505.

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