Low Vision Assessment

An experienced low vision optometrist will test your vision and evaluate your visual needs. When appropriate, the most helpful optical aids will be prescribed for you. A low vision therapist assists in determining the best model for your use. She also provides training in the proper use of the prescribed aids. Loaners are usually available for your testing their effectiveness for your needs. Information on medical developments and beneficial nutrition related to your eye condition may be discussed during your examination.

Glare Control

Glare can be hindering and even intolerable to individuals with low vision. Specially designed polarized lenses with UV & AB protection reduce glare and provide greater visual comfort and performance. The glare control shields selected for evaluation and display in our Low Vision Clinic are both effective and stylish.


Lighting influences visual comfort and performance. For people who have reduced vision, appropriate lighting is essential for accomplishing almost every task, especially when using magnifiers. Proper illumination can be achieved by using the right type of illuminated magnifiers, lamps, or by the arrangement of light sources.

State of the Art Technology, Equipment & Aids

Low vision aids include devices that will improve your ability to read, to see distant objects, and to carry out daily activities.