Assistive Technology (AT) Lab

There are a wide variety of technologies and devices which can help you maximize the use of your remaining sight. In our AT Lab you can learn about and try a variety of helpful technologies, equipment, and aids such as:

Many of these devices are available for short-term loan so you can test them at home and determine their usefulness before deciding which devices will best help you. We also sell, rent and loan devices.

Since many of these aides require a prescription, you must first schedule an appointment in our Marjorie R. McNeely Low Vision Clinic to see the optometrist. Please call 831-649-3505 x101 or email to schedule an appointment in the clinic.  If you have recently seen our eye doctor (within one year) or need to replace a broken or lost item, call the Low Vision Clinic Coordinator at 831-649-3505 x102.