Client Stories

Daniel Wilson

Although low vision is most common for those over age 65, it can affect anyone at any age as it did for Daniel Wilson when he was just 23. In 2006, Daniel was working for a local termite company, living independently and enjoying life as a young adult. One day while driving between job locations […] Read more

Ken Hunter, Board Certified Dermatologist, Pacific Grove, CA

April 2017 “I guess you could say that I took my vision for granted.  I had always enjoyed exceptional eye-hand coordination and excelled in sports and outdoor activities.  Competitive tennis, golf, bicycling, downhill skiing, hiking, and driving my Porsche on winding roads were all pursuits that I relished. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon on […] Read more

Dolores Hagey

“The need for larger letters for viewing was evident, even a big computer monitor was not enough. The magnifying glass I had was ineffective. On July 3, 2014 the Center’s doors opened for me. The BVIC recommended optical aids to assist with my visual status. In one year I experienced amazing results; a personal evaluation […] Read more

Bob Johnson

By January 2011 I had lost practical use of my left eye to Macular Degeneration, so was totally dependent on my right eye for activities such as driving, reading and writing. In mid-January my good eye lost all vision to a rare fungal infection which had destroyed the cornea. It took 18 months to kill […] Read more

Carolyn Craig

“After suffering headaches in 1959, I developed a malignant brain tumor, which was removed and successfully treated with a new procedure- cobalt radiation. It was invasive and intense, but as a result I was able to continue my life. I completed school graduating from William Woods College where I met my husband, Jeff.   We spent […] Read more

Ruth Andresen

“The help I received from BVIC has been critical in restoring and maintaining an active life.  I was fortunate in having excellent health and unlimited energy when my eyesight suddenly deteriorated.  Simply put, the BVIC threw me a badly needed lifeline. Besides diagnostic visits in their office for special eyeglasses they came to my home to assess my needs.  I was allowed […] Read more

Carrie Borofka, Salinas, CA

“At 32 I was a thriving woman with an MA in Education and working with children. I enjoyed every aspect of my life until last August when symptoms led to the discovery of a brain tumor the size of a tennis ball. The tumor, called a menigeoma, was removed. Twenty days later I lost my […] Read more

Ron Kihara, Monterey, CA

“I became a client of the BVIC some years ago when my vision began to fail. Its Clinic provided solutions to my unique visual challenges and needs. I was introduced to magnifiers and other resources. The glasses with absorptive lens I purchased have enhanced my visual function to this day. But the beauty of the […] Read more


“My vision has been deteriorating since my teenage years, and I was angry about the loss of no longer being able to drive, read small print or even recognize really big signs. My ophthalmologist confirmed that my vision could no longer be corrected with glasses. He referred me to the BVIC where I was assured […] Read more