Client Stories

Carolyn Craig

“After suffering headaches in 1959, I developed a malignant brain tumor, which was removed and successfully treated with a new procedure- cobalt radiation. It was invasive and intense, but as a result I was able to continue my life. I completed school graduating from William Woods College where I met my husband, Jeff.   We spent two years at Pearl Harbor during the Vietnam War where I taught preschool. In 1971 we moved to the Monterey Peninsula where we raised our two children. After working in retail I decided to return to teaching. I received my Master Teaching Credential. Unfortunately, the radiation I had 50 years ago had caused deterioration of the visual core in my brain, causing headaches and gradual loss of visual processing. I had to retire from teaching, a career I enjoyed, because of this.

I became involved with the Blind & Visually Impaired Center both as a client and serving on their board of directors. The Center has helped me with everyday life skills. I’ve learned Braille which I use for labeling household goods. Mobility training and the use of a cane has helped me to get around safely. The Guide, a software program that scans and reads material aloud gives me the convenience of being able to listen to the emails I send and receive. I enjoy speaking at schools and community groups about Braille, Helen Keller and the BVIC.”