Client Stories

Dolores Hagey

“The need for larger letters for viewing was evident, even a big computer monitor was not enough. The magnifying glass I had was ineffective. On July 3, 2014 the Center’s doors opened for me. The BVIC recommended optical aids to assist with my visual status. In one year I experienced amazing results; a personal evaluation led to the appropriate magnifying glass with a light and specialized glasses for TV viewing. The Zoomtext computer program was a great help. It enabled me to see letters and words. I was able to return to my Excel and Word programs. Although a magnifier floor lamp helped a bit, I was still unable to read the newspaper and mail. By acquiring the Da Vinci (a high performance desktop video magnifier) I was again reading newspapers, mail, bulletins, signing checks and writing. I am very thankful that I opened the door at the BVIC. The staff is always helpful. Thank you!”