Client Stories

Ruth Andresen

“The help I received from BVIC has been critical in restoring and maintaining an active life.  I was fortunate in having excellent health and unlimited energy when my eyesight suddenly deteriorated.  Simply put, the BVIC threw me a badly needed lifeline. Besides diagnostic visits in their office for special eyeglasses they came to my home to assess my needs.  I was allowed to try out assistive equipment and modifications for my computer, as well as magnifying equipment for reading.  My eye condition affected my balance and I had several bad falls, as a result, I was very insecure about leaving home.  Their mobility specialist trained me in using a walker so that I could have the confidence as well as the ability to navigate safely.  My very excellent doctor did as much as his science and training could achieve, however he referred me to BVIC for adaptive help.  They have given me the tools to participate in life rather than to be an onlooker.  Full access to the use of my computer gives me the world for travel, access to committee agendas, and to distant family.  I cannot fully express my appreciation for their help.”